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Trusted by a fast growing private sector bank which is also listed company

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Full Compliance with SEBI PIT Regulation

TrackWizz Structured Digital Database solution assists various organizations such as Listed Companies, Banks, Merchant Banker, Investment Bankers and Intermediaries to capture, track, and keep control over Unpublished Price Sensitive Information (UPSI).

It helps in the fight against Insider Trading-related crimes by controlling those who handle and possess UPSI. The technology enables firms to fully comply with Insider Trading regulations by monitoring the flow (or communication) of UPSI in conjunction with proper audit and internal controls. Furthermore, it restricts insider’s trade approvals based on access to information in the TrackWizz Structured Digital Database.

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You may select both the modules to get fully compliant...

TrackWizz's pre-clearance engine encompasses employee pre-clearance, auto approvals, greylist management, employees' initial and periodic disclosures etc.

Features and benefits

Single Repository

Allows maintaining single repository of unpublished price sensitive information

Smart Database

Self creating database for easy use and data filling.

Single Chain

Single information branching to internal and external consumers

Complete Visibility

End to end information from source to nature along with multi point destination

Responsive Interface

Specially designed UI makes data entry quick and easy


Allows auto-restriction of trade approvals based on the access to UPSI in the Digital Database

Features and benefits


Comprehensive reports

Audit Trail logs

Email notifications


Chain report for specific information along with complete trail from Origin to destination with multiple iterations exportable to PDF and spreadsheets.

Central team user access to specific UPSI fully included in the non-temperable audit trails.

Email initiated communication encouraging users to submit the transaction leading to better compliance with efficiency

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Get fully complied with Insider Trading regulations by combining it with our Employee Trade Tracking solution.

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