Key Facts

Gender Diversity

The Male-Female ratio
is a remarkable 2:1

Young & Responsible

300+ Individuals average age
27, serving 250+ institutions

Financial out Performer

Profitable and growing
consistently for 13 years

Latest Technology

Cloud-native technologies


95% of hiring freshers, 1st jobs
for 90% of our leadership team

Learning is a way of life

At TSS, we aim to stimulate employees to achieve higher productivity and performance through our customized training modules:
- Change Leadership Programme

Upskilling with new tech and process we also believe in empowering employees to keep them abreast with latest developments in the industry:

  • Agile Training sessions to transform the way we work
  • Angular Training sessions
  • In-house Automation Training sessions
  • Communities of Practice - an internal initiative to share, learn and grow

Perks of working in Trackwizz

Paid Holidays/
Complimentary Vacations

We provide paid holidays for all employees and complimentary vacations for employees who celebrate milestone work anniversaries

Health Insurance
  • Hospitalization coverage for employees
  • COVID-19 insurance coverage for all employees
  • Term Plan Insurance coverage for employees in applicable salary brackets
Sporting & Engagement

We believe in helping employees de-stress through multiple activities like: online games, talent competitions, picnics, sporting competitions and many more


We celebrate employee birthdays, festivals and achievements

Passion comes first

Switch your department/ Role/ Functions if you are passionate about it.