Key facts

100% market share

Research entities in India licensed by SEBI using a software product

Technicals included

Research calls based on technical analysis are covered in compliance

Yearly attestation

SEBI requires every research entity to undergo yearly attestation

TrackWizz Research Analyst Compliance helps Security & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) registered entities offering research services to comply in spirit to the research analyst regulations. It offers a process to track all activities prior to publishing of a research report.

Here goes the solution...

Research analyst regulation applies to...

Features and benefits

Intelligent approval

System to verify compliance controls and auto permit publishing

Automated grey list

System to add and remove from grey list automatically

Integrated trade approval

Add our Employee Trade Tracking solution for a seamless experience

Pre-filled disclosure

Pre-filled disclosure for analysts, saves time

Your way

Allows to create workflow as per your requirements

Single repository

Allows all supporting docs and videos in one place

Features and benefits


Email approval

Research product master

Derivatives covered

Connected equities

Bulk upload

Hand holding


Allows senior members of the team to do approvals on email resulting in quick publish

Maintenance of different types of research provided

Full attention given to futures and options contracts

Fully integrated masters of equity and derivatives results in effective control

Flat file upload allows analysts to get bulk research calls out in no time

Expert teams helping analysts during deployment, driving faster adoption

All our current customers have also subscribed to TrackWizz Employee Trade Tracking for a comprehensive and automated solution.

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