Key facts

Trusted by the largest stock exchange of India

Trusted by the largest stock exchange of India

Specialized interfaces for various functions

3+ specialized interfaces for different functions

TrackWizz Spend Management TrackWizz Spend Management is a tool/ software solution specially designed for:

  • Exchanges
  • Financial Institutions

3+ Dedicated Interfaces function wise to enable smooth daily operations Trackwizz Spend Management provides to an enterprise, an end to end solution starting from budget to procurements and from invoicing to goods received note. It has a configurable approval system in place which can be adaptive to any organisational wide change. System generates monthly MIS and TAT reports to help find faults in the processes.

Our Spend Management solution covers

From Budgeting, self service request, procrurement, purchase order, goods received note, invoice, payment sequense to payment approval

Interaction done when?

Multiple legal entities and multiple functions can use it for planning and forecasting, executing, delivery and payment, analytics

Features and benefits

Lightening approvals

Extremely simple approval process. Works with senior management as well

Payment sequencing

Feasibility to break the payments into smaller chunks

Extreme visibility

Every concerned department and stakeholder can track and is notified of progress

Forecasting and planning

Allows mid-year reallocation of budget

Specialized screens

Tailor made user experience based on functions like information technology, premises, admin, marketing, etc.


Everything from workflow approvals to purchase order templates and payment integrations as one desires

Features and benefits


Integrated DMS

Granular categorization

Installation, acceptance manager

Multi-currency payments served in full spirit

Warranty expiries

Delegation matrix


Supporting documents and system generated documents saved inside help create a single repository

Option to go at the part code level from Budgeting to Payment resulting in data driven decision making

Allows integrated payment visibility

Reduces human errors and eliminates tedious reconciliations

Generates expiries and warranty reminders to the right stakeholders ensuring zero business disruption

Easy implementation of authority levels

If your organization is a listed company, we can help you in insider trading regulation with TrackWizz Employee Trade Tracking

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