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Dedicated to financial institutions, serving high net worth individuals and entities

TrackWizz Customer Onboarding is specially crafted for financial institutions serving high net worth individuals and entities, allowing them to onboard and service their modification requests in an efficient manner ensuring customer delight.

It can be chosen as a standalone solution or in tandem with other solutions offered by TrackWizz, like Screening and Risk Rating. It is an end to end platform which starts from fetching KYC from different external sources (CKYC/KRA) and going up to e-sign.

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Features and benefits

One stop solution

It allows you to add other modules like Screening & Risk Rating, reducing multiple system complexity

Breadth & depth

Covers multiple lines of business along with products and facilitates deep KYC profiling of the client

Definite destination

Starts with prospect management by bankers and goes till commencement of business by creation of account numbers in product systems

Intelligent checklist

Entity onboarding varied documentation requirements is responsibility of the system freeing up key resources

Video KYC & e-sign

Sophisticated architecture allows easy integration with external partners for video based KYC and e-signature


Unique customer code and information maitained here along with supporting documents acting as a central source for customer information and images

Features and benefits


Deferral management

Access on need

Document generation with ease

Image manager

Your needed controls

Serve existing customers for new


System based deferral management means no more tracker on spreadsheets or human triggered email reminders

Multiple methods of access controls like relationship manager, banker, branch or regional access using privilege management

System allows generation of proposal/account opening forms, modification forms and other templates based on institutional needs with customized templates

Facilitates extraction of specific information or portions from large images or documents often saving hours of effort of KYC teams

A parameterized validation engine means that you can pick and choose the data validations or controls that are needed by your institution

Allows for autofill of information for instant onboarding of existing customers for new products

Combining the TrackWizz Customer Onboarding with the modules mentioned below, results in extreme savings

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