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TrackWizz Transaction Monitoring is verifying the customer’s transactions including assessing historical/current customer information and interactions to detect money laundering and terrorism financing, or for surveillance purpose. It is one of the key activities of an Anti Money Laundering Compliance Program.

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Features and benefits

Subject matter experts

Industry experienced, certified, specialist teams for Anti Money Laundering & financial crime

Typology/alert repository

150+ scenarios, helps achieve faster time to market

Simulation engine

Allows back-testing, resulting in framing of effective monitoring rules

Add modules

Option to integrate Screening and Risk Rating solution

Risk based approach

Easy to configure alert generation based on risk/ customer/transaction attributes results in high quality detection

One view

Power of breadth, depth of internal/external information in case manager results in accurate decision making in record time

Features and benefits


Single click SAR/STR batch generation

100+ reports

External alert integration

Notifications & escalation manager

Adverse media integration

Financial estimation


Facilitates FIU reporting by generating ready to upload files

Industry accepted readily available reports save efforts of creating custom reports

Provision to add human and other system generated alerts resulting in a single repository of alerts

Timely and right stakeholder communication leads to faster decision making

Empowers enhanced due diligence

Allows logic based financial size mapping, resulting in reduction of false positives

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