• Secure: All data processed and stored inside client’s technology firewall
  • Customized exports for client’s accounting/reporting/portfolio systems

TrackWizz advantage

PDF data scraping

  • Straight through processing of documents
  • Collection of all relevant data items
  • Data exported into customized format to fit business needs
  • Can be applied to any pdf documents received on a regular basis

Power of one

Multiple solutions in one software suite that saves the cost of infrastructure, integration and operations while eliminating risk of data movement between systems

Data collection and validation

  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Intelligent matching and validation of data
  • Reporting of activity customized for the client

Document storage and standardization of file names

  • Stored in protected client network folders
  • Reporting features to track missing statements

API + integration ready

A plug & play model with API available for 100% of its features, as well as file and database integration options

MIS Reporting

  • Consolidated data for customized reports/dashboards
  • Activity tracking and reporting
  • Balance tracking and reporting
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